Football CitizenshipOverview Manchester City FC


Manchester City is at the centre of an active and fast-growing community of football supporters in the UK and around the world. It is our fundamental belief that we are stronger together; with our fans, partners, staff, players and other members of the City family.

In July 2014 a new membership community, Cityzens, was launched. Designed and developed with ideas collected from City fans, Cityzens enables fans to participate more actively in the Club’s decisions and access more value-for-money rewards. After its first year it has over 50,000 members in 80 countries and continues to evolve, offering more rewards and exclusive experiences than ever before.

A new global giving programme, Cityzens Giving, was launched in November, supporting projects in Manchester, New York, Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, Baranquilla and Cape Town. Each project is run by young people, for young people, and uses football to tackle social challenges in each region. Uniquely, the programme empowered City fans to vote on the allocation of funding towards these projects.

At the end of the 2014-15 season, CITC was on the cusp of its 29th year and continues to create opportunities for the most in-need communities in Manchester. Now working with almost 45,000 people and delivering almost 15,000 hours of project activities in Manchester, CITC uses football to boost crime prevention, inclusion, physical and mental health, employability and education.

The Club has continued to develop its work around diversity and inclusion, deepening its relationships and increasing its activities with a number of organisations tackling discrimination.

By the time the City Football Academy (CFA) opened in December 2014, the Club had helped to create a total of 225 full time jobs in Greater Manchester, building on a total of 6,500 over the course of construction of the CFA, Connell College and East Manchester Leisure Centre. 80% of the total value of the project was spent in the North West, and 70% of jobs were created for local people.

The Club’s responsible and community-focused approach to infrastructure projects has continued with the Stadium Expansion project, completed in August 2015. The project has taken capacity to 55,000, adding three new rows of seats pitchside and 6,000 extra seats to the third tier of the South Stand.