Financial ReportDirectors' Report Manchester City FC

Directors' Report


The Directors who held office during the year were as follows:

K Al Mubarak (Chairman)
J MacBeath
M Edelman
S Pearce
M Al Mazrouei
A Galassi

Result for the year

The profit for the financial year was £10,749,000 (2014 loss: £22,929,000). The Directors do not propose a dividend (2014: £nil).

Political and charitable contributions

The Group made no political contributions. Donations to UK charities amounted to £2,041,724 (2014: £2,228,313). This amount includes £1.9m supporting Premier League youth and community development expenditure.

Employee involvement

Within the bounds of commercial confidentiality, staff at all levels are kept fully informed of matters that affect the progress of the Company and are of interest to them as employees.

Disabled employees

Disabled employees are given full and fair consideration for all types of vacancy. If an existing employee becomes disabled, such steps as are practical and reasonable are taken to retain him/her in employment. Where appropriate, assistance with rehabilitation and suitable training are given. Disabled persons have equal opportunities for training, career development and promotion, except insofar as such opportunities are constrained by the practical limitations of their disability.
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